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Zeppelin Armchair

A modern armchair with inviting forms

Designer Mauro Lipparini · 2023

Generous volumes and pleasing shapes: Zeppelin is a dynamic chair with an ergonomic build, offering a feeling of absolute comfort for your living area. The upper part wraps around the seat, adapting to the pressure of your body in a soft embrace.

brown designer armchair | Zeppelin Armchair | LAGO

Inviting, generous seating

The Zeppelin armchair’s full-bodied forms hug and adapt to your body, and generous padding creates an indulgent feeling of comfort.

living room swivel armchair | Zeppelin Armchair | LAGO

Swivel base with return mechanism

The modern Zeppelin armchair rests on a swivel base with return mechanism. This technology creates ample freedom of movement and is versatile in different contexts.

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Zeppelin Armchair SED020

Materials and finishes
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