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Turnkey projects and design solutions for business

LAGO offers a turnkey service dedicated to the world of contract furniture. A tailor-made project studied on the identity of your business and the experience of your customers that comes to life thanks to the modularity of made-to-measure furniture.
LAGO makes commercial, residential, public and work spaces exclusive through meticulous attention to detail and the selection of materials that meet high quality standards.

Design becomes a tool that increases the perceived value of spaces and enhances activities by transforming them into welcoming and original places. The turnkey service dedicated to contract offers a design that ensures consistency of style and language. Optimised production and furniture assembly schedules ensure that the work is completed within a short time frame.
Completed contract furnishing projects become part of the LAGO network, gaining visibility in communication channels, thus favouring the development of new business opportunities.
Turnkey projects
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Interior designer consultancy
Increase perceived value
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Offices and work spaces

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Public Spaces

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Given that we spend most of our time not at home, but in offices, public spaces, hotels or restaurants, LAGO has transferred its experience in designing domestic spaces to all the other places we spend time in, to promote individual and collective well-being.

Public Spaces

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