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N.O.W. Sideboard

An innovative, patented glass storage unit

Designer Daniele Lago · 2021

The rhythm created by the glass panels alters the traditional perception of storage space, hiding a patented and timeless opening mechanism. The option to customize each individual panel allows you to generate limitless chromatic moods. Accent lighting features in this clear, bronzed-effect glass door design with a 45° finish and built in without any visible supports. This creates a warm glow and gives the items on display a sense of importance. Storage solutions with width measurements in increments of 20 cm, available in 4 heights, for every area of the home.

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Configure your product by choosing from the available materials and finishes and visit your nearest shop to bring your design to life.

glass sideboard with display cabinet | N.O.W. sideboard | LAGO

Customisable colour moods

The option to personalise each glass panel in LAGO colours or the XGlass marble, metal, wood and fabric finishes leads to infinite chromatic moods in line with any type of interior.

glass unit opening | N.O.W. Sideboard | LAGO

Innovative patented opening

A patented mechanism that exploits the elasticity and resistance of spring steel is the standout feature of this glass unit. A gentle press with your hand is all it takes to open the doors.

bronze unit with display cabinet | N.O.W. Sideboard | LAGO

Outstanding build and attention to detail

Frameless glass (8 mm thick) has been integrated into the door, with no need for any support, preserving its ultra-clean lines.

glass unit with coloured panels | N.O.W. Sideboard | LAGO

Versatile storage solutions

Innovative sideboards you can customise in their size, colour and finish make the ideal furnishing solution for all areas of the home, from the living room to the bedroom, as well as the hallway and other passageways.

A selection of the best variants

N.O.W. Sideboard 1390 | LAGO

N.O.W. Sideboard 1390

N.O.W.  Sideboard 1387 | LAGO

N.O.W. Sideboard 1387

N.O.W. Sideboard 1389 | LAGO

N.O.W. Sideboard 1389

N.O.W. Sideoard1388 | LAGO

N.O.W. Sideboard 1388

N.O.W. Sideboard 1386 | LAGO

N.O.W. Sideboard 1386

N.O.W. Sideboard 1382 | LAGO

N.O.W. Sideboard 1382

N.O.W. Sideboard 1383 | LAGO

N.O.W. Sideboard 1383

N.O.W. Sideboard 1384 | LAGO

N.O.W. Sideboard 1384

N.O.W. Sideboard 1385 | LAGO

N.O.W. Sideboard 1385

N.O.W Sideboard 1382B | LAGO

N.O.W. Sideboard 1382B

N.O.W Sideboard 1390B | LAGO

N.O.W. Sideboard 1390B

N.O.W. Sideboard 1372 | LAGO

N.O.W. Sideboard 1372

1375 N.O.W. Sideboard | LAGO

N.O.W. Sideboard 1375

N.O.W. Sideboard 1378 | LAGO

N.O.W. Sideboard 1378

Materials and finishes
The wide choice of colours and textures allows you to express furniture designed on your personality. Excellent materials and solutions guarantee products of timeless beauty.
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