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Air Sideboard

Elegant, modern sideboard

Designer Daniele Lago · 2006

The Air system has expanded to include a modern sideboard that plays on the contrast between solids and voids, inverting the order of factors: the piece seems to float in air, supported by transparent tempered glass sheets to create a surprising effect of suspension. Free-standing and available finished on both sides, the Air sideboard can also be placed in the middle of the room, lending light and luminosity to the space.

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Trasparency and light

Thanks to the total transparency of the tempered glass support, the Air sideboard seems to float as if suspended in air.

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Since it does not need to be attached to the wall, the Air sideboard in the version finished on both sides can be placed in the middle of the room, serving as an elegant dividing element.

A selection of the best variants

Air Sideboard 0347 | LAGO

Air Sideboard 0347

Air Sideboard 2643 | LAGO Design

Air Sideboard 2643

Air Sideboard 2644 | LAGO Design

Air Sideboard 2644

Air Sideboard 2641 | LAGO Design

Air Sideboard 2641

Air Sideboard 2642 | LAGO

Air Sideboard 2642

Air Sideboard 2647-1 | LAGO

Air Sideboard 2647

Air Sideboard 2647B-1 | LAGO

Air Sideboard 2647B

Air Sideboard 2645 | LAGO Design

Air Sideboard 2645

Air Sideboard 2646 | LAGO

Air Sideboard 2646

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