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N.O.W. Pantry

A pantry with simple volumes

Designer Daniele Lago · 2011

The pantry unit is an elegant monolith. The glass panels and handleless finish give the surface a sleek look and conceal the individual doors. This piece takes on a new, unexpected architectural dimension. The integrated appliances can be on view or hidden behind doors, so as to preserve the stylish structure of this piece. Thanks to the custom sizing, the N.O.W. pantry unit is ultra-modular and can be adapted to any space. It can also be infinitely personalised with the Lago colours or XGlass materials such as marble, wood, fabric or metal on each glass panel.

kitchen pantry unit invisible opening | 36e8 Marble XGlass Kitchen | LAGO

N.O.W. opening mechanism

The unit doors can be opened by lightly applying pressure with your hand. This simple yet surprising mechanism integrated into the kitchen design makes use of the elasticity of spring steel.

modern kitchen with coloured glass panels | Kitchen | LAGO

Full cladding

The pantry unit can be fully clad on the front and back, turning it into an architectural feature that divides the kitchen and living room spaces.

white wall-mounted kitchen pantry unit | Kitchen | LAGO

Suspended pantry unit

This imposing monolithic piece contributes to the overall lightweight feel of the kitchen, thanks to its suspension with safe systems designed by Lago.

kitchen pantry unit with coloured glass panels | Kitchen | LAGO

Glass and colour

The colour of each glass door panel can be customised to create deep, vivid reflections.

Materials and finishes
The wide choice of colours and textures allows you to express furniture designed on your personality. Excellent materials and solutions guarantee products of timeless beauty.
All technical materials of the N.O.W. Pantry

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