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kitchen island with glass wall unit | N.O.W. Kitchen | LAGO

N.O.W. Kitchen

Designer Daniele Lago

The N.O.W. kitchen storage unit is defined by glass panels creating infinite chromatic moods – N.O.W. is Not Only White. With irregular glass panels and a continuous finish around the unit sides, the wall units seem barely there, and instead an architectural feature is created. Fine glass display cabinets provide elegant alternation between storage space and display space.
sofa with peninsula and wooden supports | Altana Sofa | LAGO

Altana Sofa

Designer Monica Armani Altana is a modular, upholstered sofa with a neat, elegant build inspired by the traditional Venetian rooftop terraces known as altane. These secluded architectural spots are the perfect place for meeting people and relaxing. The sofa is light and linear with taut, tapered lines and abundant forms. Its visually soft cushions made from high-quality materials have been designed to offer optimal comfort. The collection’s distinctive feature is its use of oval wooden legs which intersect with the base at a 45° angle. The supports come in different coloured ash wood, plus a range of lacquered colours to add a textured touch and generate interesting interior-design solutions.

wood and fabric armchair | Altana Armchair | LAGO

Altana Armchair

Designer Monica Armani Following in the same style as the Altana sofa, the new Altana armchair has real personality. Perfectly proportioned and assiduously detailed, it provides the very best in comfort. The legs and armrests are reminiscent of a wooden sculpture, and are what give this piece its identity. The armchair’s versatile design makes it suitable not only for residential spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms, but also for public spaces like lounges, chill-out areas and reading corners.

modern living room sofa and armchair | Biza Sofa | LAGO

Biza Sofa

Designer Monica Armani The Biza collection is a nod to Byzantine architecture and the domes of San Marco in Venice. Soft and organic in their forms, these pieces also offer order and neatness. The hallmark of the design is its imposing backrest. Projecting upwards, it rests on a tapered curved base, together with the seat cushions. The curved lines of this elegant design create pieces that take you by surprise, and are suited to many different situations. Modular in its build, this piece can be used to create linear or more convivial designs, for infinite configurations in your living space.

comfortable beige fabric armchair | Biza Armchair | LAGO

Biza Armchair

Designer Monica Armani Generously sized and curvaceous in its forms, the Biza armchair screams comfort. The vertically projected backrest, tapered base and sinuously shaped design give this product its look, and make it suited to any style and context. With an elegant, uncluttered design, this armchair completes the space with character.

short-pile living room rug | Arenile Carpet | LAGO

Arenile Carpet

Designer Monica Armani A combination of round braids creates a pattern evoking the sandy beaches of Lido di Venezia – the inspiration behind the Arenile rug collection. Available in a selection of different tone-on-tone or contrasting colours, the collection leaves you free to generate vibrant, textured surfaces with different shapes and designs. These rugs are made from special polypropylene threads offering outstanding technical properties, as well as a pleasant natural feel.  

dining room table in light wood | Correr Table | LAGO

Correr Table

Designer Monica Armani A traditional table on four legs and carved out of wood: it’s an image imprinted on everyone’s minds, yet also something so new you couldn’t have predicted it. Inspired by the arched arcades of the buildings lining Piazza San Marco in Venice, the Correr table with its unique, carefully designed details represents the very best of Italian woodworking craftsmanship. Imposing in its sumptuous form with tightly tucked curves, this architectural piece creates the perfect sense of harmony. Even the oval-shaped legs are elegantly poised between the round and the rectangular.

glass table with wooden legs | Correr Slim Table | LAGO

Correr Slim Table

Designer Monica Armani The hallmark of the Correr Slim collection of tables is the oval leg design. Generously sized yet elegant in their form, the legs recall the arched arcades lining Piazza San Marco in Venice. These ultra-contemporary pieces were born from the idea of contrasting a strong, structural element with a wafer-thin top, creating a design poised between vertical and horizontal lines. The workmanship of the legs, designed to accommodate varying types of top, creates an interesting dialogue between the different materials used.

round table with chairs | Alberoni Table | LAGO

Alberoni Table

Designer Monica Armani The Alberoni table collection takes the same name as the Venetian beach, revisiting the archetype of the round table with a single central support, in both its form and in its details. The cylindrical bases are brought to life with a sculpted pattern in hollow relief: the taut horizontal line represents the beach piers and jetties, while the vertical lines punctuate the space like the cabins animating the promenade at Lido di Venezia. Available in LAGO’s extensive colour palette, plus many top materials ranging from marble and wood to ceramic and lacquered glass.

chair with wooden legs | Colombina Chair | LAGO

Colombina Chair

Designer Monica Armani The collection is inspired by the Venetian Colombina mask, with the same elliptical, oval forms reflected in the design of the chair backs. Both sinuous and elegant in their silhouettes, the Colombina chairs are a synthesis of organic shapes and precise details. The Colombina range includes various models from traditional chairs to armchairs, and easy chairs to stools. There’s something to suit every interior and respond to all needs and functions, not least thanks to the choice of metal or Finewood legs.

chair covered in light fabric | Aqualta Chair | LAGO

Aqualta Chair

Designer Monica Armani Evoking the raised walkways erected among the streets of Venice when high tides strike, the Aqualta chair reflects the archetypal form of a chair: the perfect balance between a simple shape and detail. No-nonsense lines and the use of a single material astound in the resulting lightweight design, which stands in contrast to the chair’s generous proportions and ultra-comfy upholstery. Deliberately playful, this minimalist piece fits in superbly with LAGO’s stylistic canons.

modular sofa with coffee table | Londy Sofa | LAGO

Sofa Londy

Designer Pearson Lloyd

The Londy sofa is inspired by the landscapes of the island of Lundy, located off the coast of Devon, England. Designed in the bustling metropolis of London, Londy embodies the essence of its name and birthplace. Organic, sinuous island-like shapes create a sense of fluidity and harmony, making Londy a safe haven to retreat to. The sofa wraps around you in a warm embrace, creating a sense of protection, awash with a relaxed, open feel. Each seating module represents a distinct island, with different shapes and sizes, emulating the diversity of the natural landscape.
customisable chairs | Amida Chair | LAGO

Amida Chair

Designer Alberto Lievore

Created out of a synergy of shape and proportion, this range of chairs stands out for its versatility and harmonious lines. Designed to solve a range of needs from residential spaces to contract use, the Amida chair in its multiple forms offers maximum flexibility. Whether light and slender or all-embracing, they appear as though sculpted from a single block. With a generous backrest and seat, and forms that gesture a gracious embrace, each piece combines style with an inviting sense of comfort not found elsewhere, all to meet different living needs.
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