Never Stop Dreaming


Monica Armani

"Dreams help us design both the present and our future. With my design I aim to create objects with an identity, a soul. Objects capable of creating harmonious places that regenerate, that is, help find the balance between body and mind. " The daughter of an architect and an architect herself, she learnt about design in her family’s studio: a school where form, function and technology are honed to find the best possible balance. Monica Armani’s collections for Italian and international companies alike have become best sellers and set industry benchmarks.


Pearson Lloyd

“Our design dream is in imagining a future that does not exist and finding a path to its reality.” They met in 1993 at the Royal College of Art in London. After founding Pearson Lloyd in 1997, the duo has built up a team of strategists and designers who create products and experiences capable of responding to the rapidly changing needs of users, customers – and the planet.


Alberto Lievore

"In my professional work, more than dreams, the desire for harmony, understood as a special relationship between different parts to achieve beauty, is strong. Harmony with the environment is what makes the proposal valuable. Therefore, when a product is able to create this harmony in different contexts, the more valuable it is." An architect graduate from the University of Buenos Aires, he is the founder of interior design company Hipótesis. In 1999, he won the National Design Award for his professional career. His work has become known across Europe, America and Asia, but his high-end collaborations are with industry in Italy.


Daniele Lago

"We return to dreams, to this engine for life, and in doing so we have dreamt together with 3 international personalities from the world of design with whom we have created 'delicate' products that complement or extend the range of our most iconic products."   After completing his education, he attended the Italian Design School in Padua and joined the company in 2000. He wanted do more than just make furniture; he wanted to generate meaning. He has always believed in the importance of finding the right balance between people, nature and technology. And he has guided LAGO with this vision over the years, transforming the business from a small artisanal company into an international concern.