Immersed in the spectacular natural landscape that surrounds Edinburgh, the house owned by Frank Thompson and Johanna Medz is the perfect representation and synthesis of contemporary living. “We chose this place for its unique qualities, in a landscape somewhere between medieval history and the cultural avant-garde”, Frank explains. The house features large windows that welcome in nature’s positive energy. The continuity between the indoors and outdoors can also be seen in the carefully chosen colour palette and pleasant pairing of wood and glass in the furniture designed by LAGO.

equipped wall xglass marble | 36e8 Wall Unit | LAGO
wall-mounted blu sideboard | 36e8 Sideboard | LAGO
elegant bedroom wardrobe | Groove Wardrobe | LAGO
bedroom hinged wardrobe opening | Groove Wardrobe | LAGO
wooden glass partition bookcase | Air Bookshelf | LAGO
wooden double-sided partition bookcase | Air Bookshelf | LAGO
Design kitchen island | Kitchen 36e8 Metal XGlass | LAGO
accessorisable interiors drawers xglass metal kitchen | 36e8 Marble XGlass Kitchen | LAGO
Modern island kitchen | 36e8 Metal XGlass Kitchen | LAGO
metallic glass and wood | 36e8 Metal XGlass Kitchen | LAGO
xglass metal top custom kitchen | 36e8 Metal XGlass Kitchen | LAGO
Teenage bedroom | Kids&Youg | LAGO
unit and desk for children’s bedroom | Kids&Youg | LAGO
home office design | Home Office | LAGO

The focal point in the living room is the Air bookcase with its bold, unapologetic design that extends as far as the ceiling. This piece of furniture also elegantly divides the space. A wonderfully architectural feature, it blends into the natural environment, welcoming all seasons and offering unique visuals in the living area.

elegant bedroom wardrobe | Groove Wardrobe | LAGO

The bedrooms are no less attuned to the aesthetics than the rest of the house: here, a simple, light and airy design creates peace and harmony. In Frank and Johanna’s bedroom, the Fluttua bed has been combined with a Groove wardrobe in natural shades that invite you to listen to the surrounding landscape, to relax and recharge your batteries, ready for the next day. The second bedroom, on the other hand, is all about a child’s desire for freedom and fun. The Fluttua single bed and N.O.W. Quick wardrobe are the focal points of this room: a free and lively space for playing, being creative and imagining the future, which begins here.

Modern island kitchen | 36e8 Metal XGlass Kitchen | LAGO

LAGO’s solution for this space is a 36e8 Metal XGlass kitchen with a stunning golden finish, inspired by the natural light that comes pouring in through the windows. The kitchen’s sleek and simple shapes pick up on the expansive barren countryside outside, evoking the sweet sensation of living in harmony with your home.

home office design | Home Office | LAGO

Contemporary living calls for increasingly flexible spaces in which to live and work. The answer in this home is a home office space that Frank and Johanna so desperately wanted. “It’s amazing to be able to work from home in such a peaceful environment, where nature’s rhythms and a flexible interior design really help stimulate creativity and concentration,” Frank says. This space, created with dedicated home office furniture, allows the couple to work effectively from home and ensures their children have a place to learn online.

wall-mounted blu sideboard | 36e8 Sideboard | LAGO

A combination of natural materials, unusual designs and the unmistakable Scottish landscape makes for innovative interiors. In this fully furnished LAGO home, each room offers something unique to stimulate the senses.

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