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Sand Sofa

A rounded sofa with freestanding backrests

Designer Daniele Lago · 2019

The Sand Sofa features softly rounded shapes, for unsurpassed visual and structural impact, and maximum comfort. The different base sizes match the various modules, and the backrests can be fixed or freestanding, allowing you to have fun creating different compositions. The metal supports are available in Peltro Steel or Titanio Steel. The seat and backrests can be customised in LAGO colours.

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Customise your Sand Sofa

Configure your product by choosing from the available materials and finishes and visit your nearest shop to bring your design to life.

elegant beige sofa | Sand Sofa | LAGO

Freedom to create your composition

Modular backrests make it possible to create infinite solutions for a sociable sofa space that adds personality to the living area.

soft upholstered sofa | Sand Sofa | LAGO

Generous, rounded forms

Supple, generously sized seats and the curved line of the design make for a pleasantly cosy and comfortable sofa.

detail on freestanding backrests | Sand Sofa | LAGO

Self-standing backrests

The backrests have weights incorporated into their build, meaning they can be moved around and reshaped to meet all your functional requirements and shake up the look of this dynamic product.

A selection of the best variants

Sand Sofa 1133 | LAGO

Sand Sofa 1133

Sand Sofa 1137 | LAGO

Sand Sofa 1137

Sand Sofa 1149 | LAGO

Sand Sofa 1149

Sand Sofa 1146 | LAGO

Sand Sofa 1146

Sand Sofa 1136 | LAGO

Sand Sofa 1136

Materials and finishes
The wide choice of colours and textures allows you to express furniture designed on your personality. Excellent materials and solutions guarantee products of timeless beauty.
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