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Furniture for Hotels, Resorts and Boutique Hotels

Customised design for your business

LAGO hotel and resort furniture creates cosy spaces that focus on the well-being and comfort of your guests. Customised furniture design offers a unique design experience in your establishment, tailored to the needs of your guests and the characteristics of your hotel. Tailor-made proposals for common areas, bar areas, as and suites, combining the iconic lightness of LAGO furniture with suspended volumes of essential design, fit perfectly into the architecture of the property in a harmonious encounter of forms and materials. LAGO hotel and resort furniture increases the perceived value of your business thanks to the attention to detail, the quality of the materials and a tailor-made project built around your accommodation. LAGO proposes a turnkey service, which optimises the time and procedures of realisation, offering itself as a unique interlocutor to direct the project, in collaboration with partners of international prestige.

Furnishing hotels, resorts and boutique hotels with LAGO design

Design hotel room | LAGO Design

Suites and bedrooms

Suspended beds, custom-made wardrobes and designer bedside tables combine the functionality and comfort of home with the excitement of a new place to discover.

Hotel reception furniture | LAGO Design

Receptions and halls

Comfortable sectional sofas, modular armchairs and suspended reception desks create spaces that welcome your guests from the moment they arrive.

Hotel restaurant furniture | LAGO Design

Restaurants and bars

The place dedicated to conviviality and sharing comes to life with suspended tables, modern chairs and custom-designed buffet counters.

hotel common room furnishings | LAGO Design

Communal spaces

Following a modern vision of hospitality, customers have the opportunity to meet and work together in ergonomic and functional co-working areas.

 Hotel bathroom furniture | LAGO Design


A place of tranquillity for body and mind, with suspended washbasins, uniquely shaped mirrors and designed containers.

hotel bedroom furnishings | LAGO Design

Turnkey service

LAGO presents itself as the single point of contact directing the entire project. This optimises the duration of the work and costs, ensuring that the structure is inaugurated on time and within budget. di comfort unica.
custom-made furnishings for hotels | LAGO Design

Modular solutions for all footprints

Thanks to the modularity of LAGO design, furniture can be designed for spaces of any size, creating perfect harmony with the architecture. Tailor-made solutions, customisable in numerous materials, colours and finishes, complete all areas of the hotel with elegance and functionality. LAGO's design is synonymous with Made in Italy quality and craftsmanship, characteristics that allow the products to always be modern and long-lasting.
modern hotel furnishings | LAGO Design

More value to your business

The prestige of the LAGO brand contributes to increasing the perceived value of your structure, thanks to the possibility for your customers to live a unique design experience, photograph it and share it.

More value for your hotel

LAGO contract furnishings for hotels and resorts are designed to dialogue with the architecture of your structure and the services of your business, creating an unforgettable location for your guests. Download the catalogue to discover what LAGO offers as a partner in hotel and resort design and give your guests a memorable welcome.


More value for your hotel

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