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More success for your real estate investment

LAGO real estate furniture offers the possibility of maximising your real estate investment, increasing the perceived value of your property and facilitating its sale. The iconic design of LAGO's modular, modern and timeless products makes it possible to create valuable solutions for furnishing spaces of any size, respecting time and budget. The Made in Italy quality of LAGO furniture, recognised nationally and internationally, makes properties more attractive on the market and easier to sell LAGO proposes to realise complete projects, presenting itself as the sole interlocutor for the buyer. In fact, the turnkey solutions proposed are the result of collaboration with partners of national importance, which makes it possible to respond to the needs of the market, offering valuable solutions in a short time.

Designer furniture to furnish fine real estate

designer kitchen for flats | LAGO Design


Kitchens with island, peninsula or linear with wall-hung cupboards, to be custom-designed to make the most of available space

living room design for real estate | LAGO Design

Dining room

Design tables, modern chairs and suspended sideboards furnish the place dedicated to conviviality with elegance and functionality.

custom-made furniture for real estate | LAGO Design

Living room

Modular sofas and modern wall units fit elegantly into the environment giving an unprecedented sensation of lightness.

complete bedroom furniture | LAGO Design


Suspended beds, made-to-measure wardrobes, designer dressers and bedside tables create a comfortable and refined sleeping area.

white designer bathroom | LAGO Design


Designer washbasins, wall mirrors and space-saving storage furniture furnish the place dedicated to relaxation of body and mind.

home office for flat | LAGO Design

Home office

Functional desks, wall-hung bookcases and space-saving solutions furnish studies, creating functional corners dedicated to work and study.

kitchen with island for real estate | LAGO Design


A solution for inserting the key elements of the furniture: Kitchen, Wardrobes and Bathrooms. Solutions designed with quality materials and implementable by the private individual with possible up-grades or remodelling. A valuable solution involving the three fundamental furnishings of the new home, offering an economically optimised proposal.

customised design | LAGO Design


A flexible solution that allows your customers to choose which areas of the house to furnish with LAGO solutions while maintaining continuity of language within the home. In this way, the specifications are built on the private individual's requirements, supported by a specialised interior designer.

living room design for real estate | LAGO Design

Full furnishing

Thanks to the modularity and wide range of its products, LAGO is a unique partner with a furniture collection that covers all areas of the home: bedroom, living area, kitchen and bathroom. A continuity of style that gives character and lightness to spaces. The Full Arredo proposal can already be included in the specifications, making it a unique opportunity for real estate development.

bed with upright fabric headboard | Fluttua bed | LAGO

Quality excellence and timeless design

Meticulous attention to detail and adherence to high quality standards are the hallmarks of LAGO furniture, timeless furniture of great aesthetic value. A set of solutions dedicated to every area of the home to increase the perceived value of real estate.
wooden glass partition bookcase | Air Bookshelf | LAGO

Tailor-made solutions in harmony with the architecture

LAGO real estate furniture is custom-designed according to the buyer's needs, allowing the best possible use of available space. The use of transparent glass supports and the possibility of suspending the furnishings on the wall allows the space to be reduced and gives a unique feeling of lightness.
beige sofa with freestanding backrests and wall-mounted bookcase | Sand Sofa | LAGO

Valuable projects, attractive to the market

The possibility of furnishing real estate projects with iconic LAGO design makes it possible to create solutions of great value, which make the property more attractive on the market, increasing its value and facilitating its sale.
contract lab | LAGO Design

Contract Lab

CONTRACT LAB, the hub dedicated to contract born out of the collaboration between LAGO and MAD051, offers the possibility of completing furnishing solutions with high quality wall coverings, flooring, wallpaper, sanitary ware, doors and fixtures, curtains, window frames and lighting.

More value for your property

Discover a selection of the best real estate projects realised with LAGO furniture: custom-designed solutions to make properties more attractive and to increase their value on the market, thanks to the quality of the modular, high-end design products, which adapt to different needs and sizes.


More value for your property

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